Beauty spot meaning

Crown : Avaricious object, criminal and ignorant

Back Superintendent : Can be trusted, braveman and patient

Head right : Many prospects

Head left side : Bad character

Right Forehead or left : Bad character

Midst Forehead : Clever and kindhearted

Eyelid to the right/left : Clever bring one-self

Eyelid under right/left : Often distress

The end of right eye/left : Can be trusted and demure

Nose Jetty : Clever and kindhearted

Right Eyebrow : Helpful

Left Eyebrow : Loved many people

Nose : Many prospects

Nose under : Silver-tongued, many pospects

Upper lip : Smart, many prospects

Lower lip : Kindhearted

Right Cheek/left : Generous

Middle Cheek : Taken a fancy to

The end of right mouth : Silver-tongued

Chin : Silver-tongued and downright

Right Ear : Ossify and easy angry

Front Neck : Wisdom

Back Neck : altruistic, hopeless

Right shoulder : firmness

Left shoulder : Its mind always intricate

Right Bosom/left : Big passion

Between bosom : Kindhearted

Back : Can be trusted

Middle stomach : Can be trusted

Waist : Downright and tough

high Jetty : Skilful and many prospects

Privy parts : Big passion

Front Knee : Strong walk

The seamy side Knee : Unstable feeling

Calf : Can be trusted

Right foot Bone : Spendthrift

Left foot Bone : Braveman

Ankle : Strong walk

Heel : Inconceivable

Foot/feet Radius : Like work

Right Arm/left : like work

Foot/feet Palm : Kindhearted

Right palm : Bright keep property

Left palm : wasteful

Back Palm : Strong, rich

The end of elbow : Kindhearted

Interior Elbow : tough

Hand Radius : Many Prospecs

Wrist : wasteful